Success Stories
Almost every day, someone asks me, "Can acupuncture treat my back/stomach/PMS/fill-in-the-blank?"  I did my best to answer that in the FAQs, but here I let my patients do the talking.

* Success for back pain:

"Years of being at my computer and some not-so-good genetics meant my back was always, always sore. I went for massages and to the chiropractor on a regular basis, but not even a week or two of that compared to even one session with Karoline. I know this sounds like a standard, cheesy testimonial, but Karoline is amazing. She's incredibly sweet and professional, and I always feel really comfortable." - Elyse

* Success for arthritis (of the knee, hip, and many other places):

"I have had arthritis for fourteen years.  I woke up one morning with knees the size of soccer balls and walking like a stiff-legged robot from another planet.  My health and my life were suddenly alien to me.  Over the years I saw many health professionals, but had only limited and temporary improvement.

Six months ago, the arthritis had progressed to my hip, lower back, foot, hands and other parts of my body.  The pain in my knees and hip had become so bad that I'd been limping for four years. I had been unable lie on my left side for more than a few seconds for three.  I was in turmoil. I felt I had lost control of my body and frankly, my future.

Thankfully, Karoline keeps a box of tissues handy for first-timers like me.  I was desperate, afraid and pinning my weak hopes on her.

Our weekly visits began that day.  One morning, after about 3 months, I awoke lying on my left side.  I braced myself for the usual agony.  It never came.  I then realized it had been days since I'd experienced the early-morning "sitting up and putting my feet on the floor" pain that I expected and dreaded daily.  I stood -- slowly.  Again, there was no pain.

That was about 3 months ago.  My limp is gone.  I sleep on my left side sometimes.  My flexibility is slowly returning. I have returned to dancing.  I take dance lessons 2-3x weekly and go out dancing whenever I feel like it.

Karoline has helped me regain control of my life.  We still have work to do, but I am getting back my health, self-confidence and future."  -- Tracy H-S

* Success for insomnia, anxiety, needle phobia, allergies/lung issues and running races:

"I came to see Karoline, initially, for help with insomnia and anxiety. I was uncertain at first- I've always been scared of needles.  She respected my nervousness, and kept me at ease.  In our first treatments, she used needles so small she jokingly referred to them as "cat whiskers."

She's treated me with herbs and acupuncture, and the changes have been dramatic!  I am able to think much more clearly, and stay focused better, without descending into panic, even in stressful situations. In addition to her treatments, I have learned a lot.  Her cogent explanations of the Chinese philosophies about diet and lifestyle change, such as warming and cooling foods, make sense.

But, most exciting: I could not have run my first 5K without Karoline's help.  Or my second. Karoline's treatments with acupuncture and herbs tamed my severe respiratory allergies.  She improved my lung function to the point where I could run outside without collapsing into a coughing, gasping mess.  And as I worked up to greater distances, her massage and acupuncture techniques helped address the muscles that get sore in a novice runner. And now I've joined the Road Runner's Club.

Oh, and did I mention?  Thanks to Karoline, I got through the spring allergy season without the prescription antihistamine I'd been taking for the previous five years!" - Elizabeth W

 *Shoulder injury relief

“Karoline is a great acupuncturist. She really helped relieve pain and stress I was having. I would recommend her services to anyone suffering from chronic pain. It is amazing what acupuncture can do for your body.” -David

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