Forest Hills Acupuncture and Healing Arts has two locations. We're primarily located in a lovely, restful area in Forest Hills, New York City. (For the convenience of those of a less restful persuasion, this incudes treament hours after 5pm.) And now, 1-2 days a week, we have treatment hours in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, right across the street from prospect park. It's just as pretty, and just as convenient to get to by car and subway.

I practice acupuncture and chinese herbology, strongly influenced by the more modern movements of Paleo and Functional Medicine. I have a general practice and see a little of everything, but the types of things I treat most frequently are:


Ignoring pain doesn't do anyone any good. Whether it's a recent injury or chronic pain, your joints or your muscles or even your belly, acupuncture is a good bet to help.


Your mental health is important. Whether you're diagnosed and medicated, or just stressed out and want your brain to work dammit, acupuncture can help.  You'd be surprised how much.


Does something just not work right? Do you have an autoimmune issue, catch every cold, never wake rested, or just feel off?  Talk to me.  Acupuncture plus food and lifestyle modifications can do way more for you than you imagine.

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